Welcome to my Blog!

Photo: Natasha King

Photo: Natasha King

Hey! My name is Sofia and I want to warmly welcome you to read my blog of the world of dance! I am a professional of dance and well-being and I wish to bring these two together.

I’ll be posting tips for dancers’ training and wellness that are based on research. Research articles tend to be quite tiring and even difficult to read and understand and I wish to help in making that information easier to approach. I will be writing more in Finnish as there is even less information of dance science and research published in Finnish, but I will try and post as much as possible also in English as well. I will keep you posted of the English posts on Instagram, so you know when to hit the blog! (@dance.search.blossom)

Dance. Search. Blossom.

The name of the blog refers to a searching and seeking in dance and art which is searching, seeking, and questioning. Then again research-based dance practice and training is important for long and healthy dance careers. Or to dance for oneself without injuries or pain. Performing is wonderful but behind the performance there is a huge amount of practice and rehearsals. It’s good to know how to use those hours wisely, taking care of your most important instrument – your body.

Us dancers grow up to put up with pain in dance practice. We force turnout even if it hurts and we sit and stretch for unnecessarily long times, often before and during the class (none of these are good ideas). The Internet is full of uncanny advices and tips for dancers, e.g. how to improve your turnout or make your splits better (there are safe ways to do these both as well!) It’s always good to bear in mind to be critical; it’s not advised to follow all the articles, videos, and tips you find online, until you are sure that the person behind it knows what they talk about. Furthermore, the tips might actually work, but the publisher may not be aware of the damage that they may be causing later on.

There’s the reason why this blog was created; I want to bring research-based information available for dancers and help to put that knowledge into practice – presented clearly (and safety first), with explanations why.

I’m more than happy to answer all questions you may have related to the posts, outside the posts, dance physiotherapy, even possible collaborations! Don’t hesitate to contact me through the blog or via email oonasofia.saukkonen@gmail.com! 😊

I will also publish posts related to my work in the dance field and will allow dance pictures to take over some space in the blog as I travel between my two homes, Finland and England!

“Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.” -Ted Shawn

So, let’s take care of that stuff.