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Photo: Amanda Heino

Photo: Amanda Heino



My name is Sofia. I have worked as a dancer, dance teacher, and a choreographer and dance has been a part of my life since I was 3 years old. Luckily, I’ve been able to make a profession out of dance.

Also, I am a physiotherapist and a dance scientist. I graduated from England (MSc Dance Science) where I still have my other home. Before England I lived in Spain for a while – the World has been wonderfully open, and one must go where the heart wants to go!


Photo: Natasha King

Photo: Natasha King


Why and for whom I write?

I started to write this blog as I wish to bring research-based knowledge available for Finnish dancers. Research articles tend to be quite difficult to follow and it’s rarely available in Finnish. I will also write some posts in English and keep you posted of new English posts on Instagram!

The name of the blog ‘Dance. Search. Blossom.’ refers to searching both in art science. The process of creating and making art is constant searching and experimentation. Then again scientific research is highly important for a dance artist from a health and wellbeing perspective.


In my different roles in the field of dance I want…

As a Teacher I want to highlight the individuality of each dancer. I want to help and support all dancers with different bodies in finding their own strengths, and to give clear guidance in how to conduct movements ‘correctly’. Pondering where movements are born and how. Depending of the class, I want to stress the importance of a fine-tuned technique, but I also encouraging to let go of it – allowing oneself to move free of mannerism. I believe in the beauty of letting go.

As a Choreographer and Performer, I wish to explore effortlessness and strong presence, and the ability to move one’s audience without a technically challenging performance. The ease of movement fascinates me – movement that is born without forcing. Again, I love big movement that takes space, ability to take over one’s space fearlessly, and an honest connection with one’s audience.

As A Physiotherapist I wish to help dancers to find their full potential by doing preventative work and giving them tools for supplementary training. I want to help dancers to understand their bodies better – there are so many different types of bodies and all of us have our strengths. That is why one way of training does not suit all. I’m also interested in the benefits of dance for non-dancing populations.

As a Researcher I wish to understand dance biomechanics better and what all contributes to it. I’m interested in safe dance practice, and how performing movements and movement patterns ‘wrong’ relate to traumatic and overuse injuries. At the moment, I am conducting research in turnout, ways of optimising it, and the possibilities to improving it safely.

As a Person I want to be warm and present, to laugh and to be quiet, to discuss and to listen. I want to do what I can to help others. I want to have adventures. I want long moments of standing still and proximity, even if geographically I don’t stay in one place for more than a year. I want to listen to the ocean under a palm tree, to keep improving myself through life – and to enjoy everything I already have. Life and happiness are here and now. 

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” 
- Albert Einstein

I love the facts provided by science, but I also love the freedom in art, the infinitude and insanity of it. With my work, I wish to dissolve the borders of dance art and science, allowing them to support each other in a way that is easy to approach. Dance science doesn’t exist to take the joy and beauty out of dance – it’s the other way around. Dance science exists to bring us more understanding of dance, and to support dancers' health, and their practice and performance.

All of this is what my web site is about, and at the centre of it all is dance.

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

If you wish to read about something specific in English I am willing and happy to help you to find literature! Just send me a message. Also, I’m happy to answer any questions regarding physiotherapy or, if needed, to help you find a dance physio near you.
I am more than happy to hear about any ideas of cooperation, no matter where in the World you are located - just contact me and we’ll see where it may take us! :)
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I’m happy you found your way here, let’s keep in touch!


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” 

/  - Pablo Picasso  /